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We are very happy to welcome biking duo, Derek and Kerry Dunn to the Ambassador Team. Hailing from Boise, ID, it takes extreme weather or conditions to keep these two off the trails and they are known for riding every season and every month conditions allow. Here is a little more about the Dunns:

What is your core sport(s)?
Mountain Biking and more mountain biking

When/what was your first memorable "outdoor" experience?
As a couple, Derek and I have to agree it was when we went hiking in Zion National Park through the slot canyons. He thought I was trying to kill him, making him rappel down into water and swimming through the narrows in the “Subway”.  Poor Derek had no real idea what to expect other than an adventure.  I never thought that we would “hitchhike”, but we needed a ride to the trailhead (that drops into the canyon).  We met a crazy family that picked us up and took us to the start of our adventure.  They met up with us along the trail multiple times that day including rescuing us from our rocks, paper, scissors fight over who had to go first to swim into a narrow cold section of water.  By the end of the day, after swimming, rappelling, bouldering, and scurrying over hill and dale we got passed by an old guy that scrambled up the trail like a mountain goat leaving us to eat dust and stare in amazement.  That night I think that a herd of elephants could of gone through camp, for all we know a herd probably did, we were down for the count.

What is your "go-to" Deuter product?
When we ride, we bring the Compact Air EXP 8 SL (Kerry) and Compact Air EXP 10 (Derek).  They hold all the water, first aid, tools and snacks we need for a full day of adventure.  You never know what you will need and they can hold it all!

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