Cruising The Winter Carnival With The Deuter Kid Comfort III

Who says winter has to be a string of cold, grey, dreary days? If you keep your eyes pealed and your ears open you’ll be surprised at the amount of fun there is to be had that is inexpensive or free and is right in your own backyard. Yes, I did just say FREE, and that makes it all the better.

With our Deuter Kid Comfort III, we’ve cross-country skied at Harriman State Park and, just recently, headed to the east side of the Tetons to Driggs, Idaho, for the community snow festival. They had amazing snow sculptures to look at, free hot cocoa and s’mores. There was an outdoors craft “room” where kids could color the snow by spraying it with colored water. (Note to self: kids LOVE throwing colored water on snow. Do not be afraid to replicate this activity at home).



King_Winter_1-200x300Kylan spent half of the day in the Deuter Kid Comfort III where he could get the best view of the snow sculptures and watch a man that was making an ice sculpture while the festival was going on. He chowed the marshmallows and gleefully pointed at each sculpture every time we walked by.

The best part of the whole day was the fact that we were outside as a family and not stuck in our dingy little apartment wishing we were somewhere else.

Hopefully our next adventure will be a resort ski trip where the lift tickets are only $10 for the beginner hill. It’s not the amazing powder day with black diamonds as far as the eye can see but we’re out there and we didn’t break the bank to do it. Happy hunting.

–Jentri King, (Family Ambassador). Jentri and her husband Corey also blog about their family adventures at their blog: Backcountry Parenting.

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