Continental Airlines Magazine says Carry It With You

As we enter what is known as "MUD SEASON" many of us in mountain towns head for warmer climes to just shake off the season. Well, traveling with your kids can be a chore, but Deuter has got you more than covered. Just ask the fine folks writing for this fine magazine. They just nail it...

"Choosing the wrong pack can add hassle to a day-long excurstion, and possibly ruin the day enirely." Indeed. No mas. Stick with the Kid Comfort II or even the Kanga Kid when hitting airports, warm destinations and other fantastic spots. Whether you are going down the street or down to the next longitude, make sure adults and kids are comfortable and safe. They help you negotiate the hectic travel stress and wrangling the snacks, teddy and napping grommets. Go ahead...take the kids! Just make sure they are asleep for some adult time.

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