Holding Boulders in the Sierra Mountain Range

Bishop, California is a unique little town at the base of the Sierra Mountain Range. It's a gateway to the John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park, numerous climbing areas and some spectacular skiing in Mammoth.

When you're ready for a rest day, the hot springs in the area are a good place to land. The springs are remotely nestled in a valley beneath the mountains and at night the dark desert sky offers some of the best star gazing you'll ever experience.


People come from all over the world to explore this iconic location. It offers a vast amount of opportunities and it's a perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts.


The climbing itself feels endless as boulders tower above your head and surround you in all directions. There are plentiful routes for both the novice and experienced climbers alike. It's a great place for families as well.

Little girl with her Deuter Kikki backpack.

Kids love running down the trails, climbing on the boulders, breathing in the fresh mountain air and exploring nature. (This little one never goes too far without her Kikki pack.)


If you love the mountains, trail running, climbing or hiking and you're looking for some new adventures, grab a Deuter pack and check out this beautiful part of our world.

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