Guest Blogger: Lost and found in the Moab weirdliness

Moab, Utah is often given the enviable moniker of "mountain bike capital of the country" (if not the world.) The terrain is punishing. As is the weather. Nothing about this place is easy. And, that's why we love it – "we" being, specifically, the dirt bag climbers, river rats and mountain bikers that are lucky enough to call this place home. Oh, yeah, and there are all those other folks that visit here, too, who love it – like about a million-and-a-half last year. For us guides, they sort of pay the bills. Can't forget them.


I work at Rim Tours, Moab's original mountain bike outfitter. We take people on mountain bike tours. This means everything from complete newbies on their first half-day loop, to five-day expeditions on the most extreme mountain bike trails that exist (e.g. The Kokopelli Trial or The Colorado Trail). Everyday, our guides rely on their pack to feed people, mend people and fix broken bikes. They have to carry a lot of gear. Typically, they carry twice as much weight as the average biker. So their pack has to be the best.

Biking along a cliff in Moab.

Recently, one of our guides lost his guide pack, which he'd had for years. How you lose a big guide pack – your entire "tool box," if you will – is beyond me. It was beyond him, too. Couldn't figure out for his life where it had disappeared to. Sometimes, weird stuff just happens in the "weirdliness." You know...UFO's, Sasquatch, vanishing back packs.


Anyway, he bought a Deuter Attack Tour 28 to replace it. The choice was a no brainer. When you make your living in the backcountry, you don't cut corners. You get the best there is.

And then, you watch out for backcountry weirdness.

Guest blogger: Franklin Seal

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