Becoming a Parent, And The Best Baby Gift You Can Buy

“Where do I get one of those packs?”

“We just had a little girl. When can I put her in one of those packs?”

“Our first kid is coming in two months – how do I keep doing the things I love outside?”

A happy parent fishing with his son in the Deuter Kid Carrier.

In person and over social media, I answer these questions on a weekly basis. New parents see my husband and I carrying our sons on our backs while fishing, hiking, or getting groceries and want to know how we’re making it happen. Our answer is the same every time: we use Deuter Kid Carriers, and have been putting the boys in them since they could sit up on their own at about six months.

I now believe the Kid Carrier is one of the most essential tools a new outdoor-oriented parent can have while navigating the years from infant to preschooler.


When I was pregnant with our older son, I was incredibly superstitious about bringing baby gear into the house before he was born. I didn’t want a room full of little clothes, bouncy seats or blocks before I actually had the baby in my arms. I asked friends and family to hold on to their hand-me downs until I was well into the third trimester. That way, if the baby were to show up early, he’d still likely be healthy and able to come home right away. Yet, I made one exception.

I bought a Deuter Kid Carrier 1. The pack showed up and I hung it on the gear room wall that was to share space with the nursery. Whenever I went in to grab fishing gear, a day pack, or bike shoes I’d glance at the kid carrier and imagine what was to come. Before I ever put my son into its seat, that pack helped me to overcome the fear of being a mom, the fear of how will I keep a child safe, and the fear of the unknown.


Today, we have two boys. The older is now three and has probably spent close to a full year of his life in a Kid Carrier. The younger, who will turn one this week, is rapidly catching up.

Here are five reasons the Deuter Kid Carriers should be part of every outdoor parents essential gear list, and why they make the ultimate in baby shower gifts.

1. Take them with you

One of the biggest concerns I hear from new parents, or people thinking of becoming new parents, is over a perceived loss of freedom in the outdoors. While having a child can change your relationship with the outdoors, the Kid Carrier, means you can simply put the baby in the pack and take them with you. You’re not stuck and adventuring is not over.

2. Safety first

There are a lot of things about becoming a parent that are scary. For me figuring out how I was going to keep a baby safe was huge on the list of things that worried me. The Deuter Kid Carriers come with the highest safety ratings on the market. The five-point harness keeps the baby secure and comfortable, even when your adventure takes you off trail where the scrambling gets rough.

3. Minimize gear

I never wanted a house full of things – for the baby or for adults. The storage capacity and integrated features of the Kid Carriers mean you don’t need a separate bag for diapers, snacks, toys, and other essentials. Roomy storage pockets and handy side pockets mean you can put everything you need for a full day adventure into one pack. In addition, we’ve never owned a conventional stroller, choosing instead to use the Kid Carrier when necessary for running errands around town.

4. Retain your identity 

Many of our friends and acquaintances told us our lives were over, or at the very least going to have to change drastically when we had kids. Giving the gift of a Kid Carrier, or purchasing one yourself, suggests that you know yourself, or your friend, and that you’re sure they will continue to pursue the things that give them joy with a child in tow.

5. Sustainability and reliability 

Our Kid Carriers have been on hundreds of outings, and I recently gave my brother-in-law our original carrier for his new son. These packs are well built and durable. They’re going to last for years and through multiple kids. In an age where so many things get thrown away the Kid Carrier has lasting power. And that’s something to feel good about.

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