Back to School, Kids! The Best Deuter Packs for School

It’s that time of the year again! Kids of all ages are getting ready to head back to school – from preschool to college. While Deuter is our favorite pack for on the trail, it also happens to be what we use for off the trail, too.

In fact, these packs can be used for almost anything, especially for the younger kids. In our home, they go to school during the week and hit the trail on the weekends.

For preschool:

  1. Kikki: Our kids love the animal on the Kikki (a bear this year!) and we love the sternum strap, small pockets on the side and enough for what a preschooler needs while still being able to carry it. Our recommended ages: 2-4
  2. PicoThe Pico is slightly smaller than the Kikki, but has a zipper to close up the top, which makes it a bit easier to access. It also has a nice small pocket for keeping little treasures. Our recommended ages: 1-3


For young elementary:

  1. Junior: The Junior can be used for a preschooler that needs a slightly larger pack, but is a better fit for kids aged 5+. This one is a favorite in our house and gets used the most. Pockets for water bottles (small ones won’t tip out), a good front pocket and ample room inside. Only downside? Sometimes papers get crunched going in a top-loading pack. Our recommended ages: 5-8
  2. StepOut12 or 16: While the StepOut isn’t specifically a kids’ pack, it is small enough to be used for that and has a top zipper which means it’s easier to get papers and projects in. This one doesn’t have a sternum strap, but our kids like being able to get their packs on and off easily for the bus, etc. Our recommended ages: 5+

ClimberThis one can be a bit much for school but my kids love that it has plenty of room and a waist strap. It also has tons of room for hauling lots of gear for after school sports or other activities. Our recommended ages: 6+


For upper elementary/middle school

  1. Walker 20: This one is also top loading, but works for kids starting at around age 9 up to adults. Our favorite feature is the ample front pocket for putting small items in that would otherwise get lost in the big pocket.
  2. StepOut 22: Slightly larger than the 12 and 16, obviously, this one has more pockets, allows for storing more items needed for the upper grades and still allows for that easy on/off. 


For high school/college/adult learning

  1. Giga Series: My personal favorite! The new Giga SL is perfect for women. These have awesome pockets (including one for your laptop), great organization and Deuter’s Airstripes system  makes them super comfortable even with a heavy load. Also available in a bike style for those who commute on two wheels.
  2. XV 2and XV 2 SL: New for this fall, the XV series is perfect for organizing all your important books and materials and has load adjustment straps and a removable waist strap. Also available in a XV 1 and XV 3, but I think the 2 is perfect for school purposes!
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