Ambassador Review: Deuter Kid Comfort and Kid Comfort Pro

I know a lot of you are very sad to see summer come to an end, but I for one can not wait to say Goodbye to the 100+ Phoenix, AZ heat! We are finally seeing 90’s in our weekly forecast and jumping for joy, because this means the weather is finally cooling off and we will be able to get the boys out in nature a lot more often.

Andy and I have been hiking with our twin boys from the age of 3 months old. Back then, we used forward facing baby carriers that supported their necks and kept them snug against us. Once they were a little older with great head and neck control we moved them into Deuter kid carriers and have loved each and every hike with them! Deuter makes several amazing backpack child carriers and we have been using two of their newest carriers for 8 months. Read below for our thoughts on the Kid Comfort and Kid Comfort Pro.

Deuter Kid Comfort

Straight out of the box, this carrier was easy to adjust to fit our bodies and adjust to accommodate each child comfortably inside. This carrier is very well designed with added pockets along the hip straps, on each side of the carrier and has a 12 liter bottom compartment. This bottom compartment is great for storing water, snacks, first aid kit, and in our case, diaper changing supplies. The carrier is also light weight at 7 lbs 1oz. One of the amazing features is the Aircomfort design that allows great air flow to your back, leaving it fully ventilated. The weight limit for the carrier is about 40 pounds total to include both the child and supplies added in compartment.


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Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

This carrier is very similar to the Kid Comfort but with a few added features. My favorite added feature is the built in sun roof! This makes it so easy to use and then put away when not needed. The Kid Comfort comes with a sun roof add on option which is still great but the fact that this one folds up inside is genius. Another added feature is the day pack, which allows additional storage below where the child sits. This actually becomes our diaper bag when hiking and is great to store everything needed for us and the boys. I can then remove this day pack and take it with us on smaller trail walks when the carrier is not necessarily needed.





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What's great about using any of these carriers is the ease of carrying your child on your back. When they want to walk on their own, you can easily pop out the stand to set the carrier down to let your child out and run. I tend to do this with our boys at the halfway point of our longer hikes to let them eat a snack and release energy in order to tire them out for the hike back. This usually results in the boys napping the last stretch of the hike on the carrier's added plush pad, which is perfect for them to rest their head on and nap comfortably.

Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL and Kid Comfort Active

We don’t personally own this carrierm however I really wanted to mention it for all the moms out there looking into backpack carriers. It is Deuter’s lightest child carrier backpack at 5lbs 8oz and the Kid Comfort Active SL is especially adapted to the female anatomy, which makes it perfect for moms looking for a child carrier that fits them perfectly!

Got questions about the Kid Comfort or Kid Comfort Pro? Ask @Fontes_four_pack or @deuter_usa directly via Instagram or the comments below!

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