The Adventure of the Lost Wedding Ring: Backpacking the Indian Peaks

pirates-03-300x225This last winter on a fun, snow filled journey, my friend lost her wedding ring on the Hessie Trailhead in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. She was pretty sure she knew exactly where it was.  Retrieving the wedding ring was not 100% necessary and we even invited some boys.  Naturally we set off, dressed as pirates, metal detector in hand, for a weekend getaway in search of her lost ring.



pirates 05

The night before we left I was gathering items I would need for the trip.  I found myself defaulting to my go-to pack, the Guide 40+ SL.  As weekend warriors/pirates, we were only staying one night.  Although I normally use the Guide for climbing, everything seemed to fit nicely for my overnight trip.  I divided the back with the internal zipper.  The bottom portion was for food, cooking supplies, and toiletries; items that could be easily accessed on the trail and easily removed and stored in a bear bag while sleeping.  The top was left for sleeping supplies and layers that could be accessible by the body's side zipper.  I was able to strap on my Thermarest and secure it under the brain where I normally carry my rope.  All the exterior clips allowed me to easily clip on a water bottle.  I even had extra room for the metal detector if need be.  The detector went where my skis would have gone and was secured by some of the buckles on the back.

My friend was able to recall the area where she remembered dropping the ring.  Summer had left everything in full bloom and the area had a small stream (shoot) running by.  Despite our efforts she was unable to find her ring.  Fortunately the ring wasn't real diamonds.  Ahoy!

Ambassador: Alana Russell, Core Ambassador


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