4 Days On The White Rim Trail, Canyonlands National Park

KP_WhiteRim_45Looking back on the cloudy, cool weather of early April, it sounds heavenly as temps reach 104 degrees here in Moab these summer days. A fantastic group of people converged on a Rim Tours’ trip including folks from California and Colorado with a smattering of local Moabites including super fun guides Kevin B. and Beth R. I packed up my Deuter Trans Alpine 26 SL and went along for the ride with a couple friends trying my best not to be too much in the way or make the staff feel any pressure that the “Boss” was on the trip!


The White Rim is always a magical place and I wanted to use this trip as an excuse to explore new places that we don’t get to when we are working a guided trip. One such side hike took a few of us up the climbing route canyon to access Washer Woman and Monster Towers (no time for that kind of climbing but the canyon revealed plenty of beauty). Kim, Sheri and I hiked up to an old mining road from our Airport Tower campsite and discovered a 10 foot petrified log imbedded in ancient mud turned to rock. The knowledge of others exploring this remote place 60 years ago in search for Uranium brings a certain kinship to the hardscrabble miners looking to strike it rich. We feel we have struck gold just in the small pleasures of finding cool rocks or gazing at the spectacular scenery around each new bend of the old eroding road.


KP_WhiteRim_6-300x200On Day 3 of our trip, everyone is looking forward to “dress up night” with a wild and crazy theme. The fun got stared on Day 1 with the Colorado gals when they put pipe cleaner and bird ornaments on their helmets and they add some style at the dramatic overlooks we couldn’t pass by without stopping for gaze into the voids. Visiting an ancient Fremont ruin imparts the knowledge that we are late-coming visitors to this landscape. This ruin is a double granary, which still holds corncobs and other artifacts from long ago. Kevin’s Race EXP Air fits all the extra gear that a guide needs to carry on our vehicle supported mt. bike trips. That night we enjoyed each other’s company in outfits that range from Bat Girl to Amadeus Mozart to fun wigs and hats. Dinner was again delicious and it was hard to believe we only had one more day together.

My new Trans Alp 26SL replaces an older Trans Alp 25 which was my guiding workhorse for 7 years.  This pack series is excellent for guides needing to carry first aid, tools, bike pump, spare tubes, extra clothing and food. This same pack is also my go to pack for many of my personal adventures when I want to carry it all.

–Kirstin Peterson (Outdoor Ambassador)

Go along for the ride!

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